Top 6 Successful Customer Success Strategies For Accounting Firms

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Customers are any business’s greatest asset. In every industry, they are the basis for generating revenues and keeping things going.

However, the technical workload is more considerable in the accounting sector, which must be dealt with both accuracy and precision.

This makes things difficult for accountants and accounting firms when it comes to effectively handling their customers. However, with recent advancements and the right customer strategies, accounting firms can now grow their business and, at the same time, maintain productivity.

So, here are some of the best customer success strategies that can help you grow your customer base:

1) Proper Communication

Effective communication is the key to a client’s heart. It helps in expanding your customer base and retains your old ones. Communicating regularly with them enables you to understand their requirements and offer services accordingly.

When a customer gets the services customized specifically for their needs, they feel valued and are more satisfied. This also enhances the trust as they know that their needs are better understood. Besides, it develops a healthy client — service provider relationship and makes them more likely to rely on you for services.

Another way to ensure customer service is by providing timely responses.

Everyone dreads long waiting times. For example, people are frustrated by the long times taken to connect to customer care executives. If you want to be in a customer’s good looks, keeping them waiting is something you should avoid. Schedule meetings, offer automated chat options and keep track of their emails.

This way, the customers won’t feel neglected and, in turn, preserve your credibility too.

2) Integrating Technology for Better Service

Technology has made things more convenient than before, influencing almost every aspect of our life. Integrating the latest advancements will improve customer service and make issue resolution easier for the service provider.

For instance, hosting accounting software on the cloud has various beneficial features. The client can upload their data from anywhere, anytime, and can access it whenever they wish. This way, they can easily get your services even from the comfort of their homes.

Also, cloud accounting offers better data security options, keeping their financial information secure.

Using premium CRM software like HubSpot ServiceHub, ZenDesk innovates the way you handle your customers. You can provide chat support, schedule meetings, book appointments, or set up a call center using them.

You can also go for workflow management software like Trello for automating your work process. This way, you can cut down on manual tasks and focus more on customer service.

3) Be One Step Ahead of Your Customers

Walk by side to support, but walk ahead to guide. Most of the CPA firms follow a “wait and resolve” mantra to handle their customers’ issues. They generally wait for a client to bring up their problem and then address it.

While this approach may provide satisfactory results, it isn’t exactly the best approach. Acknowledging the customers’ needs beforehand and proactively guiding them is required to get the most out of their accounting experience with you.

While a good CPA efficiently monitors their finances, the best one helps them develop strategies and business plans. You can use forms, personal meetings to understand their needs and then plan suitably.

Since most SMBs choose a CPA firm based on their expertise, helping them choose the optimum financial plans for their needs is the best way to validate your knowledge.

4) Show Your Customers That You Mean It

Good customer service doesn’t only depend upon resolving your customer issues. It also depends on how you have handled the reason that caused it. Eliminating the cause allows you to improve customer service and prevent similar problems from popping out in the future.

Also, bringing in the much-needed change, when required, shows your client how much you care for them. Delaying things, neglecting the cause only results in repetitive trouble for your customer. This may cause them to lose interest in your firm and shift to something better.

Another crucial aspect is how you treat them. When a customer approaches your executive, they carry some expectations with them. They want their issues to be heard patiently and then solved accordingly.

Hence, it is necessary to have a customer care executive with good listening skills. You must not rush things and help them with the utmost care and attention.

5) Reach Out to Your Customers

A good advertising campaign is essential to gain more customers. Use creative means to communicate your firm’s objective. You can publish advertisements, make promotional videos, or print brochures, spread word about your firm.

You can also carry out special referral schemes for your existing customers, rewarding them whenever they bring in more clients for you. This way, you get your clients while they enjoy the benefits: a win-win situation for both of you.

Another way of reaching out to a larger group of potential clients is through a convincing online presence. Use social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to advertise your company’s goal. Also, maintain your website correctly and publish SEO optimized content on it.

This way, your website will have a better ranking and will be more preferred than others. You can also write blogs, do email marketing to widen your reach.

6) Know The Market

Every industry has different accounting needs. For example, the accounting needs of the healthcare sector may vary considerably from that of the automobile industry. Personal requirements may also differ from client to client.

Hence, an accounting firm needs to assess the environment before they deliver their services. You can use forms, conduct surveys in that area to understand your clients’ needs, and then plan accordingly.

This way, you can create a suitable marketing strategy and gain clients quickly. Offering customized plans is one of the best methods to establish yourself and beat your competitors.

Also, keep up-to-date with the latest accounting techniques and practices. So when your clients come knocking your door, you offer the best to them.


Open communication, leveraging the latest tech, and understanding your client’s needs; these are some of the strategies that make your customers happy and flourish your accounting firm.

With the right marketing plan and a significant online presence, your chances of quickly establishing yourself and attracting a more substantial client base will increase significantly.

However, since one’s needs change with time, the firm, with the flexibility to accommodate its customer’s growing needs and offer seamless service, will have the most successful customers.

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